Executive Chef Chris Binotto was bred into a family of culinarians. Chris was raised in Detroit, Michigan with his mother Tanis Clark who was the former Food and Beverage Director for Disneyland Hotel and various hotels in San Francisco. Father Maurizio Binotto has been the Executive Chef of Warner Brother Studios for 26 years after his extensive career in the hotel industry.
As a teenager he trained under the James Beard Award Winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt at The RattleSnake Club in Detroit, Michigan and Palm Springs, California.

Finding his was way to The Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, California as Sous Chef he helped to lead the team that would eventually win not only the Forbs 5 Star award for The Loft Restaurant but the firstForbs Triple 5 Star Award the Resort had seen. This award was one of 6 that were given to resorts worldwide in 2013.
Chef Chris shortly after moved to Chicago to work for Celebrity Chef Graham Eliot. As Chef Tournant he helped to lead a team that consecutively would win 2 Michelin Stars two years in a row at the flag ship Restaurant Graham Eliot. Unfortunately the revered restaurant had to close the doors but serendipitously at the same time Iron Chef Morimoto was opening his newest concept, Japonais by Morimoto.

Chef Chris worked very closely as part of the opening team with Iron Chef Morimoto and Executive Chef Hisanobu Osaka. Quickly working through the ranks to Chef De Cuisine he was the first pick for Morimoto to attend events such as The Myabi Demo Showcasing, Chicago International Food Show and Star Chefs Event in NYC.
After a few amazing years with Morimoto Chef Chris was approached by Music Mogul Manny Halley (music manager for Keisha Kole, Nikki Manaje, Young Thug ect.) to create and open the fine dining Asian fusion concept House of Macau in Hollywood as the Executive Chef.

Shortly after a year Chef Chris was approached by Restaurateur Mogul Zach Niel, creator of the original Beetle House in NYC as well as bars such as “Stay Classy” (Anchor man themed), and “The Dark Side” a Star Wars themed bar. Chef Chris helped open then months after took over the culinary program as the Executive Chef at Beetle House Hollywood. Has since then taken over as Corporate Executive Chef for New Gold Management (Hospitality), opening “The electric Pussycat” an Austin Powers themed bar and grill, Relaunched the food program for Beetle House NYC. Currently he is working on multiple other projects with the company on the east coast. Chef Chris has many recipes featured in the “Beetle House” cook book “The Nightmare Before Dinner” by Zach Neil which was released in October 2018.

While Starting the Beetle House in 2017 Chef Chris had also begun a project with old colleague Mark Leible dubbed “Cannabis Supper Club”. This experimental dinner turned into an instant hit and has since grown tremendously. They have been featured in editorials such as GQ Magazine, High Times Magazine and Nominated one of the top 5 Cannabis Dinners in California by Currently Chef Chris is still working with New Gold Management (Hospitality) and The Cannabis Supper Club with many more Projects on the way.